Friday, May 27, 2011

About Consumer’s Pingo Calling Card Reviews

I read many consumer’s  Pingo calling card reviews. The common picture is the following. The number of bad comments is far more than the number of good comments.

What to say about it? The similar picture is common for other calling cards companies. Everywhere the bad comments outgo the good comments in appropriate reviews.

I think all the companies cannot be bad. And the Pingo are not bad too. This is a company that delivers over 1.3 billion minutes a month in international voice calls from an established telecom provider.

But why do the bad comments outgo in Pingo calling card reviews?

I think one of the reasons is the authors of the bad comments are more active, more passionate than their opponents.

Bad comments are more concrete, more lifelike, and longer. They describe concrete cases and contain concrete figures. Good comments are usually more abstract and shorter: “the service is OK” and that’s all. But they have no figure! What's the matter? What reason for this difference may be?

Maybe human psychology plays an important part here

In fact, when someone has a problem with his calling card he feels injured. He tends to share his trouble with other people. He becomes revengeful. This is exactly demonstrated by the relatively large amount of bad comments. In order to be convincing, the troubled user tends to be concrete, he tends to describe his problem in details in his review.

On the contrary, when a person has no problem he feels well. His card works well. What else? He doesn't need anything. He doesn't need to share something with other people. He’s simply busy with many other problems. That’s why the good comments are so few. And if that lucky user ever writes a review he has not to be convincing. So he limits himself by using the common phrases in his review.

That’s one of the reasons why do the bad comments outgo in Pingo calling card reviews.

But a bad comment is not always a bad thing. Sometimes the customer actually wants to keep doing business with the company. She even took the time to complain and her hope is that they will do something to fix the situation. That’s why she describes her problem so detaily.

This case is definitely an opportunity for the company. Just fix her problem and she is your customer forever. Yes, bad reviews are not always bad things.

What to say else? Many consumers are simply not attentive when reading Pingo phone card details. Then they wonder, for instance, where a maintenance fee showed up from. By the way, Pingo’s monthly maintenance fee of $0.95 is clearly listed at the bottom of every page of their site and in the terms and conditions page. I've specially made the
for Pingo phone cards taking into account exactly the maintenance fee.

New users get usually irritated by slow verification and activation of their accounts. In fact, Pingo have a verification process that can take longer pending if a credit card signs up to Paypal. But this means the company responsibly approach to their business.

Also, there are simply the intrigues of competitors. The Pingo have confirmation of unethical competitors that have been posting false claims on review sites.

In fact, the bad comments outgo the good comments in every calling card company review for the reasons discussed in this post. The Pingo is not an exception.

No, no, no! However they said the bad things about Pingo in these reviews, I still love my old calling card. I’m satisfied with their service. Although I make phone calls with my card not very often last time, I do this with my pleasure. An old friend is better than three new ones. I’m with Pingo long ago and forever.

But it doesn't mean the company have not to hear their consumers and improve the quality of their service. And Pingo consistently hear their consumers and talk with them. An agent of the company efficiently replies on each comment in the same Pingo calling card reviews. Read more about Pingo.


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